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Bicycle Portraits - everyday South Africans & their bicycles

Bicycle Portraits is a photographic study of South Africans who rely on their bicycles every day, revealing who rides, why they ride, and of course why so few South Africans choose the bicycle as a primary mode of transport. With more than 500 portraits compiled by Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler over three years and 10,000 cycled kilometers, the project culminates in three published volumes, each containing 54 different characters and two essays, as a portrait of a nation through it’s commuter subculture – uncovering all manner of societal, historical and cultural nuances never imagined. Bicycle Portraits celebrates the noblest machines ever dreamt up, and those who ride them...

The BLUE book features essays by Nobel Prize laureate JM Coetzee and Cape Town based writer, journalist and commuter, Sean O’Toole. In the YELLOW book there are pieces by the godfather of mountain biking, Gary Fisher, and the bicycle-obsessed President of Tumi’s Cycling Club, Tumisang Taabe, from Lesotho. And the GREEN book contains writing by Leonard Stanford, a totally unknown corner-café and bicycle-repair-shop owner from Kimberly, and Cape Town based artist and professional commuter, Paul Edmunds.